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Life and New York begin at 40

By Nissim Sade– @ New York Jewish Guide.com




















I have always loved Manhattan New York for some unexplainable reason. Then the day I turned 40 it happened suddenly.

It was a beautiful spring morning in Hertzaliya, Israel. The orange groves were full of blossom, falling from the trees like a light flurry of white snow carpeting the ground. The scent of orange blossom filled the crisp early morning air as the morning sun rose to meet the day.

I stood there on my balcony, as I inhaled the intoxicating sweet scent of the orange blossom drifting thinking to myself “ what a start to a beautiful day” The sweet scent of the orange blossom combined with the aroma of my freshly brewed coffee made me think, “who needs more than this”? I already have a great job, an apartment, a relationship, food on the table and money in the bank. Everything was set or so I thought. At this point I had no plans of moving to New York.

Why would I possibly think of leaving my home where I was content and established and moving to New York?

New York seemed far away and conjured in my mind a vision of an expensive city full of people always rushing to be somewhere else the very pinnacle of a hectic stressful life style.

The fantasy of the morning vanished from my mind as I left home and headed to a meeting in Tel Aviv. The sweet scent of the orange groves was soon replaced by the exhaust fumes of cars and busses and the morning song of dawn chorus replaced by car horns, sound of alarms and mobile phones. The usual traffic jam greeted me as I headed off to my meeting. A driver pulled up alongside of me, wound down his window and asked me the direction of the highway as his car radio blared out Middle Eastern music that now invaded my space. An ambulance whizzed pass with its screeching siren blocking out all sounds and thoughts. Strangely enough I connected to these sounds.

“That’s it, I’m moving to New York” a voice inside me cried out. I love New York and Manhattan and want to go there. I glanced at the car mirror and then I imagined a little man with a megaphone sitting on my shoulder pointed at my ear. He was hardly visible to the naked eye; at first I thought it was a mosquito or a bug of some type. He seemed to shout in my ear “ok you have a life here, good job, apartment, a relationship, and bread on the table, money in the bank and a sense of security and belonging”. Why would you want to swap this for the crazy life style of New York?

Then it happened suddenly, the driver behind crashed in to the back of my car, the thud of the impact sent me flying towards the windscreen, I lost consciousness and then everything fell dark and silent.

Then I woke up, I was alone in my room lying on my bed by body covered with bruises from the impact of the blow. I glanced towards the window; it was early morning the sun was rising from the east, creeping its way upwards across the blue canvas of the morning sky.

The sound of my mobile phone alarm drowned out thoughts of the sweet scent of the orange blossom and the crisp blue morning sky. Then I looked up and saw the face of a women, staring at me as if to say “ you are moving to New York”  The little man with the megaphone was no longer sitting on my shoulder, I could no longer see or hear him. I had stopped listening to him.

The story above refers to what we call in coaching terms as an “external slap” Such a negative experience can lead us to make life affecting changes through our behavior.

A lot of people find themselves at a point in the lives where they are trapped in a set of circumstances waiting for some external event to make the decision for them, whether it is winning the lottery, being fired from their jobs or a partner leaving them. From a coaching prospectus we can recognize this “external slap” and harness it, motivating people to making positive changes in their lives.

 Nissim Sade – M.A from Tel Aviv University, Graduate – Antony Robbins Mastery University has extensive experience in management in the private and public sectors, executive coach leadership and communication in personal and business coaches training method working with the “Tut Communications and Results” in New York specializing in unique workshops in communication and personal empowerment

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