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Yaniv Or graduated from University of Keele in England in 1995.
Holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B), BA and an M.B.A in business management.

He began his career in 1998 in the State Attorney’s Office, as a Police Prosecutor for the Israel Police – prosecuted various types of criminal suits from property damage to severe offenses. Inter alia, he was exposed to violations of real estate laws on the part of criminals including squatters who move into empty apartments and settle there, stolen identity for the purpose of real estate transactions and the like.

He then went on to spend the next 10 years as legal counsel to a large public body, The Association of Craft and Industry in Israel, which represents thousands of employers with enterprises in the industrial sector in Israel.

The Association holds many real estate assets, which had to be managed in all aspects. As a legal consultant, Or managed all the processes of management, sale and realization of property. Often, the extensive scope of tasks warranted employing external experts such as appraisers, realtors and attorneys from large firms, who assisted Or in fulfilling these duties.

Following a long lasting career in the public sector, Or turned to the private sector and now collaborates with Lia Or’s agency, one of Israel’s top real estate brokerage firm, and acts as legal consultant to the firm. As part of this role, he is responsible for negotiating with sellers and buyers in real estate transactions so as to maximize benefits gained by both sides from assets and deals, thus improving closing rates. He is also responsible for familiarizing realtors with legal terms related to real estate, determining the scope of necessary examinations of an asset to ensure a successful sale, and the like.

The success of this collaboration went beyond specialization in leading real estate transactions and Or now provides legal instruction needed for real estate transactions to a substantial number of real estate agencies that are part of the leading real estate brokerage chains in Israel. He is thus thoroughly acquainted with what is expected from a real estate consultant and knows how to supervise a sale process and manage both the legal and marketing aspects of the transaction from the very beginning to the very end.

While doing this work and through his exposure to hundreds of transactions, Or has noticed that when conducting a real estate transaction in Israel, the process of marketing and sale (in which considerable resources are invested) are often detached from the legal process, which requires extensive examination and tax planning concerning the property in preparation for the transaction.

This detachment intensifies when interested parties in a real estate transaction reside abroad yet wish to carry out the transaction safely and securely while overcoming the physical distance and lack of professional knowledge.

This is how Or’s area of expertise came to be!!! Combining his professional knowledge and in depth understanding of how to carry out a secure and profitable real estate transaction in Israel, with his in depth familiarity with property valuation and marketing processes.
Or consults to foreign residents who own properties in Israel, or wish to own an asset in Israel on how to maximize their real estate transactions in Israel, and how to make use of the firm’s professional knowledge, extensive experience and expertise to make their real estate transaction profitable and successful.