Tevere restaurant opened for business in New York City on the 15th of January of 1982 under the ownership of two brothers, Paolo Lattanzi and Pippo Lattanzi. Paolo Lattanzi as head chef, created a concept that still endures after 2 decades: to craft food following the culinary traditions of the Roman Jews, with its authentic recipes and ingredients. Tevere, provides an elegant yet cozy environment, and is proud to keep Italian as the official language of the menu.

Like his Father and Uncle, Andrea Lattanzi continues this family tradition by focusing on providing clients with an innovative menu and dining experience. He is expanding his family vision by creating TevereKitchen.com. This new service will provide clients with Kosher dishes and gourmet products for your next event or occasion.

For more information about catering or TevereKitchen.com please contact Andrea at 800·315·2689.

Every thurday – special offers for late dinning

20 % off on sundays

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