Dear Friends, 

As Pirkei Avot teaches us, “The world stands on three things:

Torah, Avodah and G’milut Chasadim [study, worship and deeds of lovingkindness].”

So, too, the synagogue. At Temple Emanu-El, we encourage our members, young and old, to gather in an atmosphere both warm and awe-inspiring, as we share our moments of joy as well as our times of sadness, immerse ourselves in the richness and beauty of our tradition, and act upon our tradition’s values in the world around us.

If you are considering membership, then know that we welcome all who wish to participate in Jewish life: singles, couples and families in all their forms; interfaith couples; individuals with disabilities; all people regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or financial means. I hope you choose to make Temple Emanu-El your spiritual home and family and that you will feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I very much would enjoy the opportunity to meet with you personally.

 If you already are part of our community, then I would enjoy getting to know you better as well, to learn from you about the passions and commitments that inspire your involvement, and to gain an understanding of how Temple Emanu-El can further engage and stimulate those interests.

So, if you are in the neighborhood, please come and visit; our Sabbath services are open to all. And, if you are able to visit us only online, then enjoy our worship through our live-streaming feed. Either way, we embrace you as part of our Emanu-El family.


Rabbi Joshua M. Davidson