Every hospital in Israel is committed to defending the health of Israel. But in so many ways, Soroka Medical Center is not like other hospitals in Israel. It is the only major medical center in the entire southern half of Israel, the Negev, and is responsible for the care of over a million people, including 400,000 children and youth. Known for its premier medical care and dedicated staff, Soroka treats a profoundly diverse society which includes Jews of all nationalities and backgrounds, Arabs, Bedouins and refugees. With nearly 250,000 patients a year, Soroka is by far the busiest Emergency Room in all of Israel.

Soroka’s close proximity to the Gaza Strip also makes it a strategic “front line” hospital, responding to trauma patients from the Israel Defense Forces. Soroka’s staff treated hundreds of injured soldiers and civilians during the 2009 Gaza war, and Soroka continues to treat the injured during terror attacks in Israel’s South, and after Qassam missile attacks from Gaza.

We are also specialists in the treatment of children. The state of the art Saban Pediatric Center ensures top-quality care for sick kids, in a holistic, familial environment. Our Women’s Health Clinic works towards breast health and treatment of women’s cancers and diseases. And our world-class Trauma Center helps young and old to recovery – both physically and psychologically – to recover from traumatic events.

We invite you to read all about our programs and our newest innovations and to learn about how you can partner with Soroka to support the people of Israel, and help Soroka to continue to be one of Israel’s most strategic assets.

Did you know?

Soroka serves a region that accounts for 60% of Israel’s total land area.

200,000 patients, including 38,000 children, visit Soroka’s emergency rooms each year, making it the busiest emergency facility in Israel.

Soroka’s psychiatrists participated in the discovery of the first two genes responsible for non-excessive personality traits: the “adventurous” gene and the “neurosis” gene.

There is an average of 36 births every single day at Soroka, a whole new classroom of Israeli children born every day!

Soroka’s cardiologists are leaders in cardiac molecular biology, researching a revolutionary treatment for myocardial infarction using genetic engineering.

Soroka is Israel’s second largest medical center and the single largest employer in the Negev.Our doctors and mobile units travel to remote kibbutz clinics, development towns and Bedouin tents, offering on-site medical care.

Soroka treats victims of terrorism and also serves the large contingent of Israeli soldiers stationed in the Negev.

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