This is one meeting you really can’t leave to chance.

When you’re looking for ‘The One’ every moment counts. But as a busy professional, most of your moments are already accounted for. So how do you make time to meet and get to know your ideal partner and still maintain a demanding work schedule? Spreadsheets and forecasts are not the answer. You need a skilled matchmaker who can save you valuable time. Someone with the instincts of a hunter and the finesse of a diplomat.

Simantov International, awarded Best Matchmaking Agency 2016, is a premier international Jewish introduction agency which has been successfully uniting couples for over 40 years. Professional discretion, discernment, passion and commitment are the cornerstones of our service and our expert matchmakers will make it their mission to find your perfect partner.

Choosing your life partner is the most important business decision you’ll ever make, so it makes sense to engage the experts. Simantov’s experienced team has a wealth of well-heeled contacts at their fingertips. They’re just waiting for your call.

The decision of a lifetime need not take forever. Take the first step today.