The Shuva Israel Community is a global organization with synagogues, learning institutions and social service outreach to the needy in the U.S. and throughout the world. There are currently Shuva Israel Community establishments located in New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens), Miami, Los Angeles, Israel and Argentina.

The Shuva Israel Community was founded in 1997 by Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto when he was in his early 20s; the first establishment, called Pinot, was in Ashdod, Israel, and established a tradition of taking no financial aid from the state so as not to create resentment among taxpayers that might distance them from Judaism.

All Shuva Israel establishments focus strongly on community service or “Chessed” programs, that include soup kitchens and other charitable and philanthropic acts. More than 3,000 daily hot meals are delivered discretely to the homes of needy people in Israel, and the U.S.  During the Jewish high holy days of Rosh Hashana and Pessah, more than 12,000 packages filled with meat, wine and other staples are distributed.

Each Friday, Kosher food, candles, wine and bread are given to those who are hospitalized.  Financial assistance, especially to widows and orphans, is also provided to hundreds of people in the Shuva Israel communities and Torah scholarships are provided to hundreds of young scholars around the world.