Our Mission

Procare NYC is dedicated to service the academic and language based needs of children spanning from infancy to adulthood.  Our services include early intervention, speech & language therapy, special instruction, tutoring, and college preparation.  Our objective is to help students of all ages reach their highest academic potential throughout their scholastic career


Gary Ojeda is the founder of Procare NYC and is a state licensed speech & language pathologist and special educator.  He is recognized for his expertise in educational consultation and therapy for over 15 years.  His experience ranges from servicing toddlers, to students seeking admission to highly selective institutions.


M.A. Learning Disabilities, Teachers College-Columbia University, New York, New York
M.S. Speech & Langauge Pathology, Teachers College-Columbia University, New York, New York


Speech & Language Services

Therapy encompasses building language comprehension and expression skills.  This entails expanding vocabulary use and recognition, improving phonemic awareness, clarity of speech, following directives, and comprehending academic concepts.

Counseling Services

ProcareNYC offers a range of counseling and support services to children, families, and the elderly.   Our comprehensive services include individual and family counseling, family training, referrals to community resources, and case management.  ProcareNYC’s objective is to enhance the healthy social, emotional, and behavioral development of the whole family from its youngest to its eldest members.  We aim to provide students with the skills needed to become successful in academia and beyond.  Some of the areas that we help to develop include social skills, problem solving, and self-confidence.  ProcareNYC also strives to provide families with decision making support when they are confronted with difficult circumstances.  Our goal is to make families feel supported so that all areas of development can progress at any stage of development.

Early Intervention

This early approach to learning provides children with a head start to their academic experience.  This service is geared toward improving the child’s knowledge and comfort level of academic content through play.  This service also aims to demonstrate how learning is fun and exciting, building interactive play skills, improving problem solving skills, and building phonemic awareness.


Our tutoring service provides students with guidance that leads to success in a variety of subject areas.  This service includes preparation toward accomplishing the highest achievement in course exams, state exams, entry exams (e.x. SAT, ACT, etc.), and course papers’.  Student knowledge is assessed to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses.  Students are then provided strategies and guided toward success.

Special Education

This service is targeted toward students with special needs who require guidance and tutoring to facilitate success in the class environment.  This service includes building organizational and study skills, language concepts, literacy, test taking strategies, and social language development.