Pretty Girl is one of the fastest growing junior, missy, and plus size, apparel chains. Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY and founded in 1985, Pretty Girl is a fashion leader to customers of all ages. We believe our customers appreciate fashionable apparel, but are value conscious and look to Pretty Girl to provide low cost runway substitutes for their fashion needs. Pretty Girl is always providing fashion forward trends to the junior, missy, and plus size customers, who enjoy our fashion forward reasonably priced clothing.

There are almost 40 stores in New York and New Jersey. We are in growth mode and adding 10 new stores to our company per year on average. Pretty Girl Stores maintains its status and loyalty amongst its customer clientel. Each Pretty Girl Store is an average of 5,000 square feet; each one of our stores carries clothing for junior, missy, and plus sizes. We also carry a large selection of shoes and accessories in each one of our Pretty Girl stores. Pretty Girl employees enjoy being part of a progressive and rapidly growing organization. Our staff is hard working, loyal and dedicated. In addition, we provide many opportunities for growth and a career path. Our staff makes a significant contribution to success of each store through their hard work and dedication to our customers; each employee makes a lasting impression on our customer. Therefore we at Pretty Girl Stores take that extra step to provide to each of our customers service above and beyond their expectations each and every time. Find a location near you from our store locator list and experience the savings with the latest fashion!

XOXO, Pretty Girl is owned and operated separately from the Pretty Girl walk-in stores. While we carry many of the same brands and items as the stores, our selection and prices will not be exactly the same.