Region: Manhattan

Succah in Succot: yes

Reservation: No

Open For Pesah: Yes

Nine Days Menu: Yes

About Us

Park East Kosher Butchers and Fine Foods has been serving the public for more than 40 years. Since its inception, Park East Kosher has been known for its fresh meats, unique kosher products, and dedicated customer service. We are committed keeping with the highest standards in the business. Our staff is composed of highly experienced butchers and chefs in the kosher field.

Throughout the years, Park East Kosher and Fine Foods has developed extensively to meet the growing needs of its customers. We now offer a large selection of raw meats and Organic raw meats. We also offer delivery throughout the continental United States. Our cooked foods section offers a great selection of traditional Jewish cuisine as well as modern cuisine.

About our Glatt-Kosher Certification

All of our products are handled and prepared under the strict supervision of the KOF-K. The KOF-K adheres to the highest standards of kosher food supervision. All of the products produced or sold by this store are supervised or labeled by the KOF-K. This label certifies that the items meet the kashrus standards of the KOF-K, and are Mehadrin and Glatt-Kosher. The items that are not produced have been carefully reviewed and are approved by the KOF-K to be sold at Park East Kosher Butchers and Fine Foods.

About the KOF-K Kosher Supervision

The KOF-K Kosher Supervision is an international organization committed to the strictest standards of kosher supervision. Founded in 1968 by Rabbi Dr. H. Zecharia Senter, the KOF-K in the forefront of Kashrus, justly earning it’s outstanding reputation for reliability and acceptability in the Jewish community. If you would like to know more about the KOF-K, please visit