Company Symbols – About the Madison Pillar

The pillar has long been recognized as a company symbol of strength, stability and durability. And, these are just the qualities that Madison’s founders wanted to convey when they chose a pillar as the primary component of the company’s logo.

The Corinthian style pillar used in the Madison logo is slender and fluted, and the capital, or top, of the pillar, is decorated with leaves and scrolls. Corinthian pillars were used throughout the second Jerusalem temple including in the Mercy Gate, the Temple Mount and the tunnel that served as the main entrance and exit of the Temple.

A visit to the Museum of the Bais Hamikdash reveals many examples of pillars from the remains of the Second Jerusalem Temple that were later re-used in other structures.

A Menu of Madison’s Services

Madison Title Agency provides a wide range of services to expedite both commercial and residential real estate transactions.We serve attorneys, lenders, mortgage brokers, builders, realtors, developers, investors and home buyersnationwide.

Our Real Estate Title Services Include:

Title Services:

Owner’s Policies

Lender’s Policies

Leasehold Policies

Condominium and Co-op Unit Policies

Title Searches

Survey and Inspection Services

Loan Document Preparation

Title and Document Review

Closing and Escrow Services

Recording Services

Foreclosure Services:

Mortgage Foreclosure Searches

Mortgage Foreclosure Certificates

Tax Lien Foreclosure Searches

Mechanic’s Lien Foreclosure Searches

Due Diligence Services

(Multi-State Transactions):

Multi-Jurisdictional Lien and Litigation Searches

Entity Formation and Qualifications

Procurement of Municipality Letters Regarding Zoning and Compliance

Procurement of Zoning Reports

National Recordings and Filing Services

Additional Searches & Services:

Covenant Restriction and Easement Searches

Full and Short Period Title Searches

Historical Searches

Judgment and Lien Searches

Mortgage Searches

Municipal Searches

Partition Searches

Real Estate Tax Searches

Surrogates Court Searches

UCC Searches

Abandonment Certificates

Business Certificates (Filing and Retrieval)

Condemnation Certificates

Tax Redemption Certificates

Zoning Lot Certificates (NYC)

Other Services from Madison Commercial

Real Estate Services™:

§1031 Exchanges, see Madison Exchange, LLC