Experimenting with art activities freely and without fear of making a mess or painting “outside the box” is right at the top of our gourmet menu of fine cuisine for the young and developing brain.

We encourage our young art students to express themselves freely without being inhibited by the traditional and outdated methods of engaging in art activities that are no more than the adult’s perception of what the art project should be or look like.

Coloring books, painting over adult manufactured stenciled pictures, staying within the lines are some of the No No’s in our studio. We recognize the detrimental effect that these traditional methods have on the child’s developmental process and how these methods stifle their creativity.

We Allow our students to create their own unique art as opposed to completing adult-made art projects. Every child is an artist: the problem is to remain an artist when we grow up” (Pablo Picasso)

Gabrielle Maya's guest at Little Picasso 080812  Leo Berman working on his self portrait C 081012



At Little Picasso NYC we dedicate ourselves to nourishing our little students with good brain food.

Children’s Movement & Art Summer Day Camp      A joint program with the Ballet Club

June Camp: June 23-27 (1 week)

August Camp: August 4-29 (4 weeks)

Little Picasso NYC Children’s Art Studio and The Ballet Club join forces to provide a creative, nurturing, and fun Movement and Art Summer Program Mondays through Fridays, 9:30 am until 2:30 for children ages 3.5 to 8 (extended hours are available).

All activities are taught by teachers with extensive training in their field and who are experienced working with children. There are a maximum of 12 students per group, with a staff on hand of at least one adult per five children.

Art activities include: projects like sculpting with air dry clay, three dimensional paintings, animal drawings and portraits. All art classes are held at Little Picasso NYC Children’s Art Studio – 313 E 61 St (between 1st & 2nd Ave).

All Ballet, creative dance, drama and yoga classes are held at The Ballet Club at 328 East 61st Street, Second Floor, across the street from the art studio.

Cost: $720 per week. You may pick and choose the weeks that you would like to attend. To register, download brochure and form and contact The Ballet Club at 917-281-1030 or info@theballetclub.com.

Sean G paper machet bowl 2  Phoebe and Anysa working on Winter wonderland Mural 1212