Jewish International Connection

JICNY is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization founded in December 2000 by Steve Eisenberg and Jodi & Gavin Samuels. 

Jewish International Connection of New York fosters Jewish identity among young internationals, in their 20s and 30s, through diverse and inspiring Jewish experiences together with NYC Jews.

In December 2000 we had our first Shabbat dinner for Australians and South Africans living in the New York. From this event our community has grown to over 8,000 people over the past ten years and 94 couples met through JICNY. With an emphasis on high-quality programming and wide scale affiliation, JICNY is a United Nations of sorts, with people from all over the world gathering on a regular basis for social, cultural and religious events.

Programs include a highly successful weekly Torah class, led by Steve Eisenberg on the Upper West Side, followed by a Jewish history series and unique Torah classes, held in multiple languages which typically include English, Spanish, French and Russian. 

Other JICNY events include: lectures, walking tours of Jewish neighborhoods, bi-weekly networking events, Israel advocacy program and couples events. We host a film club that raises money each month for a different charity. We also plan an annual learning mission to Israel that has enjoyed great success. In 2012 we had over 10,000 people attend over 200 events.

Our monthly Shabbat dinners feature guest speakers from around the world. We have less formal Shabbat meals and social events throughout the month, as well. Founder, Steve Eisenberg sets hundreds of young professionals up with welcoming places to have the Shabbat meal every year. Over the years founders, Gavin and Jodi Samuels have had over 10,000 people attend meals in their home. We recognize the interest and value of the Jewish international community in New York through all of our successes and for this reason we have created the JICNY Networking Group in order to expand on what we have previously been able to offer in the way of networking.

Living in a foreign country that is so diverse and independent, it is comforting to know that there is a place you can go where you will always be welcome; you will be able to explore your heritage and spirituality; and you will be supported by the community that surrounds you.