CharacTours is an interactive theatrical walking tour where the past visits you! CharacTours is a collaboration between actor Andrew S. Davies and veteran tour guide Jon Goldstein. History comes to life as never before as Andrew portrays different characters from history throughout the tour.

CharacTours believes that individuals shape history,and we shape the future.

 Be inspired by the leaders of the past,and become a leader of the future.

 Meet the Past. Make the Future.   CharacTours.

Lower East Side   Immigration

Travel back to 1900 and meet some of the Jews that lived in the most crowded neighborhood in the world. A socialist newspaper owner, an activist nurse, and a vaudeville comedienne will captivate you. See how Jewish immigrants shaped America, and walk the streets your grandmother did, and grab a pickle from a barrel!

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Ellis Island Experience

12 million immigrants came through Ellis Island with the same worries, hopes, and dreams that immigrants have today. Learn what it was like to be an inspector, a new immigrant, or a doctor at the gateway to America. Bring your family’s story, bring your questions, but don’t bring scurvy ‘cause you’ll be turned away!

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Jewish Colonial  Philadelphia

By 1776 there were already enough Jews in Philadelphia to warrant a kosher table at a city feast! Travel back to the founding of America and meet a revolutionary, a Jewish pirate, and Benny Bass the boxer. We begin at the Jewish Museum, see the Liberty Bell, and end the tour with the chance to eat a kosher cheesesteak!

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