The Chabad at F.I.T. is a division of Chabad of Midtown.

Led by Mrs. Malka Werde, we provide the students and the staff a warm home-like atmosphere and a place to create life-long friendships. There are students and staff from all walks of Jewish life, from all affiliations and backgrounds, joined together by a desire to experience the joy within Judaism. We believe that focusing on that which connects us and brings us together is much more meaningful than concentrating on differences and divisions. We invite you to share our strong Jewish voice, authentic Jewish scholarship, and an uncompromising Jewish pride.

At Chabad of F.I.T., we provide a supportive network of Jewish community and family. If there is something you want to talk about, we are ready to listen and to be there for you.

Students are welcome to join us Friday night for a delicious Shabbat dinner, or to drop by Saturday morning for a relaxed kiddush. We also provide holiday celebrations and services. Our club meetings and social events provide an opportunity to talk, and meet new friends in a relaxed setting. We offer various classes to allow you to explore your Jewish heritage.

Welcome to Chabad at F.I.T.: The Heart of Jewish Campus Life.

Contact Mrs. Malka Werde for questions and/or additional information.