Since its launch in February 2000, has become the leading Jewish content website, logging over a million monthly user sessions with 380,000 unique email subscribers.

We’ve published over 10,000 articles –– on career, dating, parenting, spirituality, Israel events — offering “wisdom for living” for the modern world.’s goal is to give every Jew the opportunity to discover his or her heritage in an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect., a 3-time winner of USA Today’s Hot Site award, has been heralded for its technical sophistication and sleek graphic design. James Besser, the New York Jewish Week columnist, writes: “The supersite,, reacting to the blinding speed of changes on the web, [produces] results that will turn most other Jewish content providers green with envy…” features include:

24-hour live webcam from the Western Wall, which has logged 20 million visits and been featured on CNN, MSNBC, and The New York Times cutting-edge blogs in audio, video and text formats.

innovative one-minute flash movies that have become viral sensations, registering millions of viewings in a matter of days spin-off sites in Hebrew,Spanish, Portuguese, French and Russian that are all leading websites in their respective languages 15 different parsha series, including Shabbat Shalom Weekly, the most popular electronic weekly in the Jewish world with 250,000 readers 

Ask-the-Rabbi service which has answered 25,000 readers’ questions AishAudio, sister site featuring thousands of MP3 lectures on every subject in Judaism multimedia experiences such as the Western Wall Tunnel Tour and “Beyond the Matrix” a published series of anthology books, featuring’s best articles and writers’s impact has been far and wide. A recent survey found that 86% of readers said that has inspired them to do more Torah learning, and 75% said that has led them to increased affiliation with Jewish organizations or increased attendance at synagogue.

Headquartered in Jerusalem near the Western Wall, is a division of Aish HaTorah, an apolitical network of Jewish educational centers in 35 branches on five continents. This partnership enables users to experience the richness of community at an Aish branch.

The name Aish HaTorah literally means “Fire of Torah.” As Elie Weisel said: “Aish HaTorah means to me the passion of teaching, the passion of learning. The study of Torah, the source of Jewish values, is the way to Jewish survival.”

Aish’s educational philosophy is that Judaism is not all or nothing; it is a journey where every step counts, to be pursued according to one’s own pace and interest. Mitzvot (commandments) are not rituals, but opportunities for personal growth, to be studied and understood. We learn the Torah’s wisdom to enrich our own lives, and to share these ideas with all humanity.

As a non-profit organization, relies solely on private support to continue providing its wide range of quality content. Plans for the near future include an advanced learning site, and an online Hebrew School.

Not just information, but inspiration. is the lifeline for hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, seeking Jewish answers to life’s most perplexing issues