TEHORAH FEATURING ADRIENNE HAAN: A Concert Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Founding of the State of Israel


On May 10, 2023, at the Carnegie Hall concert in Weill Recital Hall, international chanteuse Adrienne Haan, one of Europe and America’s most electric concert and cabaret stars, presented a spectacular sold-out award-winning performance with her production of Tehorah under the patronage of Israel’s UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan and Rabbi Arthur Schneider of Park East Synagogue to commemorate the State of Israel’s founding 75 years ago. With songs in German, Hebrew, and Yiddish performed with great heart and passion, Ms. Haan once again captivated New York with her great talent for the vintage cabaret repertoire from Weimar Berlin in the 1920s to the Promised Land.

The concert’s name, Tehorah, is a Hebrew word that means “pure,” which will help in promoting musical awareness. This musical journey explores themes of sadness, hope, love, and forgiving others, written exclusively by Jewish composers and librettists. Ms. Haan showed her extensive talent for the historic cabaret material and engaged us with her presence on stage with an excellent all-female Israeli orchestra.

Fans of popular Hebrew and Yiddish tunes were there, along with diplomatic dignitaries from Israel, Germany, Luxembourg, and Ukraine, among many others. Ms. Haan didn’t let us down. She has a strong, powerful voice with a big heart and was stunningly dressed in a red sequin jumpsuit and top hat, radiating a staged presence that is reminiscent of Marlene Dietrich.

Ms. Adrienne Haan and her orchestra, New York Jewish Travel Guide

The concert’s message, according to Ms. Haan, was one of “love and peace,” two aspects of her personality that effectively match the theme. In every language, she performs this style of music with perfect diction. Through modest, delicate changes in stance or use of her hands, Ms. Haan added tremendous variation to the many verses of the structured melodies, and her face is beautifully responsive even when she isn’t singing.

The Hebrew and Yiddish songs drew from a special well of mellow longing and nostalgic sadness that matched the minor-key lyricism of songs by contemporary Israeli folk singer Chava Alberstein, for instance, The Exclusive Garden and I Stand Beneath a Carob Tree.

Haan’s outstanding taste and charming stage presence made the event unquestionably a success. The audience was familiar with many of the songs and frequently sang along with her while they silently reminisced. Some people were even moved to tears. Haan took the time to speak about the present antisemitism crisis and the general turmoil in the world, asking us to keep in mind that the Holocaust could happen again and to be watchful, loving, and kind. The show ended with our beloved song Jerusalem of Gold, which brought the audience to their feet in a resounding standing ovation.

What a nostalgic and meaningful journey she invited us on as we commemorated Israel’s 75th year as a nation!

By Meyer Harroch for Orchestra Management.

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