Mayor Adams Warns New Anti-Gun NYPD Squad about Misconduct


The New York Post reports that Mayor Eric Adams issued a stern warning on Sunday to the NYPD officers who’ll join his new anti-gun team, saying they’ll be fired from the force if they engage in misconduct and targeted tactics. Adams remarks come amid concerns his newly announced team — tasked with wiping out gun violence across the city — will just be a replica of the controversial anti-crime unit of the past. If you don’t follow the law, you’re not going to serve in my police department,” Adams said of his cops in an interview with WBLS 107.5FM. Adams has repeatedly insisted the anti-gun team, which was unveiled last week, will not repeat the mistakes of the past. “We know what was wrong with the unit. It was an abusive unit. It targeted and profiled,” Adams said.”

Mayor Adams hopes that accountability will help establish trust between the officers and the community they serve. Adams described how the new unit of officers would, according to The New York Post, “have the right training and be required to wear body cameras that are turned on when they stop or question someone. “You are not going to interact with the public unless the entire interaction is on body camera. Those days are over,” Adams said.” Most people would welcome an increased office representation if it meant they felt safer on the streets going about their daily lives but also knowing that the officers would also be accountable for their actions.

The New York Post describes the rest of Adams’s address and how the mayor sees stopping crime immediately as a priority for his tenure as the leader of the greatest city in the world. According to The New York Post, Adams said his blueprint to crack down on surging crime rates aimed to immediately “stabilize the violence” in order to get to “the utopia we’re looking for.” He suggested that people were trying to make the crime crackdown political — amid ongoing calls to defund police departments and controversial bail reforms. “When you look at my life work, it’s to make sure we have justice and safety,” he said. “We’ve only focused on justice — what about safety? A lot of the things we did in Albany and in the city council, went after the justice aspect.

No one was in the room… to say let’s do the safety part also. You can’t have justice without safety, you can’t have safety without justice.”

Racial profiling tended to be the main complaint of plainclothes officers and the anti-gun squad. In NYC upwards of 95% of crime is committed by persons of color mainly younger black males.

“Adams wants to tie our hands, essentially, we know the street, we know where the crime is, let’s see how this goes, but I’m confident it is going to be a disaster if cops can’t do cop work”, a retired NYPD officer told TJV News.

By: Rusty Brooks

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