An Open Letter to the Jewish Community from Manhattan District Attorney Candidate Thomas Kenniff



My name is Thomas Kenniff.  I am former a prosecutor, defense attorney, and Iraq War Veteran.  I am currently the Republican Nominee for Manhattan District Attorney.  I am running based not on party loyalty or political ambition, but out of love for this city and despair over what I see happening to it.

Over the past year, we have witnessed drastic increases in shootings, homicides, and a variety of other crimes.  We have also seen a spree of disturbing hate crimes, many of them directed at our cherished Jewish community.  In one instance, an accused was charged with desecrating a series of synagogues only to be released without bail the very next day.

In this environment, it is essential that we have a District Attorney who believes in accountability and is committed to public safety.  My opponent, on the other hand, has a new-age approach to crime that has proven disastrous in cities like San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia.  Rather than revisiting the controversial bail reforms that mandated the release of the accused synagogue vandal, my opponent supports the current bail law and has proposed eliminating cash bail completely.  He has also pledged not to prosecute a number of serious offenses, including criminal trespass, resisting arrest, and retail thefts.

Having spent the bulk of my career defending the rights of the accused, including many indigent clients, I understand the need for fairness. In fact, much of my platform emphasizes rehabilitation, diversion, and restorative justice.  We cannot, however, abandon law and order in the process.  In order to win back residents, businesses, and visitors, we must ensure a New York that is safe for all.

I invite you to learn more about the campaign at  I hope to earn your support on November 2nd.


New York Jewish Guide