Former NY Gov Paterson and NYC Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa Joined Dov Hikind and Many Others in Vigil at French Consulate for Slain Sarah Halimi


Former NY Gov Paterson and NYC Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa Joined Dov Hikind and Many Others in Vigil at French Consulate for Slain Sarah Halimi

“In our protest yesterday, we didn’t get violent, we didn’t threaten anyone, all we did was send a loud message directly to the French government that Jewish blood isn’t cheap, that the grave injustice doubly committed to Sarah Halimi is totally unacceptable, and that France better fixes it before it suffers the consequences of Jewish flight to safer havens,” said Dov Hikind, founder of Americans Against Antisemitism. “If this judgment is allowed to stand, then murder has become legal in France so long as a murderer gets high on marijuana first and their victim is Jewish.”

Over a hundred protestors gathered outside the French Consulate in Manhattan, including former New York governor David Paterson, current New York City mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa and Rabbi Zev Friedman with students from Rambam Mesivta, to hold a candlelight vigil for Sarah Halimi and protest the grave injustice committed against her by the French courts that have allowed her killer to go free on the flimsy defense of “temporary insanity by marijuana.”


After several hours of protest and an attempt to enter the consulate was made, our exceptional NYPD officers were able to arrange for a French representative to take a letter from us up their chain of command, and this is the text that was hand-delivered as the protest came to a close:

Dear Mr. President Emmanuel Macron,

As we stand outside the French consulate in New York City, we are expressing our utter shock and disgust with the brutal travesty, the murder of our mother, sister, and grandmother Sarah Halimi, of blessed memory.

She was murdered in a most brutal way by a Muslim man, Kobili Traoré, who was yelling “Allah Akbar” as he committed his vile crime. The murderer admitted that when he saw the Torah and menorah in her apartment he was triggered into brutalizing her even more.

We are seeking your commitment that he will never be able to walk the streets of France freely. Justice must prevail for the people of France and the Jewish people. The Jews of France cannot remain in France when their lives are valued less than dogs.

As the leader of France, we respect you and the world is watching to see if the French will do the right thing.

Dov Hikind,
Founder, Americans Against Antisemitism

It should also be made clear that the effort to secure justice on behalf of the Halimi family is far from over with protests now sprouting up in places between Los Angeles and Paris in the coming week. We will not put this issue to rest until Sarah Halimi’s murderer is put in prison where he belongs, locked away from society lest he has another “psychotic episode” after getting high.

#JusticeForSarahHalimi #JeSuisSarahHalimi

New York Jewish Guide – Meyer Harroch

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