a.K.a Designs creates “Luv2therescue” Face Masks and Surgical Caps to help‎ Frontline heroes combat Covid-19—- ‎Designer Alexandra Koutrakos

With 15 years of experience in Fashion Merchandising, my husband and I moved to the South Boston area in search of a brand new start. Shortly after moving, COVID-19 took the world by storm. As we all know, there was no way we were going to find work in our respective fields during this pandemic. I saw a need, and that is it. These first responders, medical workers, and essential personnel are the backbone of our country and the true Heroes! If I can do something to help, I am going to do it.

Designer Alex Koutrakos Of a.K.a. Designs

I connected to every community Facebook group possible in Boston’s south shore. On March 21st, I posted, asking, “I have a sewing machine, the skills needed, and we are locked in the house. What can I do?” I was flooded with comments of appreciation and requests.  On April 3rd, having run out of supplies, I reached out to the group again. I became inundated with donations of thread, fabric, bias tape, etc. I went around the town of Hull, picking up supplies from people’s mailboxes. Through donations from the townspeople of Hull, Ma (Tami Menzer Petrocelli, Kailen Arena, Sheri Blanchard, Janet Scribner) as well as the contribution made by Tina Digiovanni, Joanne Lopez, Carolyn Koutrakos, Jim Lautenbach and Christine Dias and Holly & Brian Murray, in the last month I have made and donated 200 masks and 11 surgical caps to the following :

  • Boston Medical Center ICU Nurses, Boston, Ma
  • Westhampton Care Center Nurses, Westhampton Ny
  • Hull Post office Officials, Hull, Ma
  • Hull Police Department, Hull Ma
  • Eastend Veterinary Center,  River Head, NY

And we’re not stopping there! Through love and support of our true heroes, emergency workers, medical personnel, and essential workers, we will all get through this pandemic. I have faith!

Please follow me at @a.k.a_designs on Instagram #luv2therescue. If you would like to donate or need PPE please DM me on Instagram or email me at alexandra.koutrakos@gmail.com

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