Iran/ Failed unrest

During the past presidential election, in 2016 the republican candidate for president Donald Trump promised to abandon the nuclear deal with Iran known as JCPOA reached with Iran in 2015.

This Ill-fated agreement reached by Europeans and China and the US and Russia tried to limit the nuclear capability of the Iranian regime for ten years, hoping that moderate forces in Iran be bolstered and to bring about a regime that is more moderate in Iran. A moderate regime that would not be expansionist in the Middle East as the current regime is and do not support terror groups in the region.

Sanctions that are imposed by the US on the Islamic Republic of Iran have brought hardship for the Iranian people and the Iranian regime in general. Although, sanctions have weakened the Iranian economy but have failed to totally destroy the Iranian economy and bring the desired effect of mass popular uprisings that may lead to the toppling of the Islamic Republic after it’s four decades of its existence.

The regime of the Islamic Republic faced a shortfall of revenue, in the early part of November announced the increase in gasoline prices. Soon demonstration began in major cities of Iran that was mostly started by it‘s Young unemployed and dissatisfied working class.

As the past uprising Iran. Iranian people poured in major cities to demonstrate their anger at the failures of the regime in four decades of its existence.

As always Iranian regime unleashed its security forces to control the demonstrators, perhaps many of them of foreign origins employed by the Iranian government.

Soon the internet was interrupted and closed. Many demonstrators were arrested and as the reports indicate some have been executed.

Israel, Saudi Arabia Gulf countries are all in favor of regime change in Iran so that a less expansionist regime will moderate its behavior and be less meddling in affairs of the neighboring states.

Will the regime change in Iran?

The answer to it is perhaps will be difficult to predict.  Revolutionary Guards and it’s organization control vast segments of the economy and is under command of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

Nuclear programs, security apparatuses are under their control.

Military intervention is not a feasible option either. However one may postulate that after the death of Ayatollah Khamenei changes may occur perhaps for the betterment of Iranian people One can not rule out a total take over of the government by revolutionary guards organization either through a coup or other venues to achieve their ultimate goal.

Revolution in 1979 succeeded due to the fact that the Iranian army stepped aside and was neutralized

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