NY GALA DINNER 2018 – Bnai Zion Foundation

Bnai Zion celebrates 110 years of its existence and Israel’s 70th anniversary at its New York Gala, featuring a reception and entertainment by Oz Pearlman, a world-class entertainer and one of the busiest mentalists in the country. Bnai Zion Foundation, now in its 110th year of building a healthy and vibrant Israel, hosted its annual New York Gala Sunday, November 4, 2018

The honorees at the Bnai Zion gala: From left to right: Mark Langfan, William Langfan, Kenneth Abramowitz, and Rabbi Elie Abadie, MD

The event honored Rabbi Elie Abadie, M.D., founding rabbi of Manhattan East Synagogue, founder and head of school of the Sephardic Academy of Manhattan; Kenneth Abramowitz, managing general partner and co-founder of NGN Capital and founder of SaveTheWest.com; Mark Langfan, managing partner of The Langfan Company, a senior fellow of the London Center, and the Arutz Sheva UN correspondent; and William K. Langfan, a philanthropist and WWII veteran who received the French Legion of Honor Medal. These four distinguished honorees received an award for their outstanding contributions in their fields.

Kenneth Abramowitz, managing general partner and co-founder of NGN Capital and founder of SaveTheWest.com – Photo credit – SHAHAR AZRAN

Bnai Zion annual New York gala brought together great people of all backgrounds and from across many religious, financial, and political spectrums to celebrate the organization’s important work over the last 110 years, as well as the State of Israel’s 70th anniversary. The event also featured a performance by mentalist Oz Pearlman, as well as an exquisite auction.

 Members of the Bnai Zion Board and Senior Staff. From left to right: Cheryl Bier, CEO; Alan Schwartz, Treasurer; Stephen Savitsky, President; George Schaeffer, Chairman of the Board; Donald Vogelman, Vice President; Benjamin Gutmann, Board Member; Jan Kiderman, Vice President; Rebecca Harary, Senior Vice President

Harry Adjmi served as the master of ceremonies and introduced each speaker and honoree.  National President of Bnai Zion, Mr. Stephen Savitsky, spends time in supporting projects in Israel for thousands of those are in need, thanked the honorees for their hard work and contributions.”When I think of Bnai Zion, I think of our mission, which is really just like the words of Emma Lazarus, give us your tired and your poor, and that’s what we stand for. Regardless of politics, social interactions or religious beliefs, we come together to work for the people and the state of Israel”, said Savitsky.


Ambassador Dani Dayan, Consul General of Israel, who had visited Pittsburg as the representative of Israel in Pennsylvania, said “I have never shared so many common values and beliefs than with the honorees at this particular event. The honorees are committed lovers of not only Israel but also of Eretz Israel which has been one of my personal causes for many, many years. In a few weeks we will mark Holocaust Remembrance Day and we always say never again. I believe that never is now. It’s happening now.”

Bnai Zion raised funds at the event and will continue the work they do to help families and individual  from all walks of life. Based in New York City, it hosts several events every year to fundraise for projects in Israel. The foundation only helps to fund projects that seek to unite Israelis across political and religious lines, rather than segregate them. Every project made possible by the Foundation has radically changed individual Israeli lives and transformed entire communities. These projects, such as ongoing clothing drives and therapy for at-risk youth, seek to build a more inclusive, accepting and loving Israel.

Mark Langfan, managing partner of The Langfan Company -PHOTO CREDIT: SHAHAR AZRAN

Bnai Zion seeks projects that have a long term, positive social impact on the people of Israel, independent of a political or religious agenda. As such, it is the only organization pursuing capital projects for social impact causes that unite supporters of Israel across the political and religious spectrum. Working with partners on the ground, those who care about the people of Israel are able to help build a safer, more unified society. Bnai Zion’s focus on investments in capital projects ensures long-term impact, from a center for disabled veterans to a village for holocaust survivors, the lasting effects of its work as can be seen across the country.

In addition to the Medical Center, they also support living services for the disabled, a residential community for at-risk youth, a senior center and many other essential programs dedicated to the health and the well-being of the country and its people.

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