The Rashi House in Troyes, Champagne

The Story of the Eponymous Rabbi and the Deep Roots of Jewish Culture in Medieval France

Less than an hour and a half southeast of the capital of Paris lies a town known as Troyes in the Champagne region of Northern France. 16th century timber houses line the streets of the old town, but an air of spirituality lingers amongst the winding cobblestoned streets that is known little to those outside of the region. France has the third largest Jewish community in the world and in the town of Troyes lies the birthplace of Rashi, Rabbi Shlomo Itzhaki, a medieval French rabbi known for his commentary on the Talmud and the Tanakh; whose work remains integral to contemporary Jewish Diasporas today. Many historians have credited the family of Rashi for forming the building blocks of Ashkenazi Judaism in Western Europe. Rashi along with his father aptly took professions as noted vintners within this region, growing grapes and manufacturing, including the sales of wine. “With 16 million Jewish people worldwide including 6 million in the USA: 1.3 million in New York, 1 million in Los Angeles and 4 million in Israel; we would like to share with the world the rich and deep cultural roots of Judaism in France that is often overlooked.” – said Laurence Prevot, Director of the Champagne-Ardenne Tourist Board.

The Rashi House in Troyes, Champagne

To commemorate the cultural and spiritual endeavors of this prolific figure, the Champagne-Ardenne Tourist Board welcomes visitors to discover The Rashi House, a rich exposition housed in the town’s Synagogue. The Rashi House is housed within 2000 square meters featuring four courtyards after a full restoration of buildings completed in 2016 and cultural mediations and a diverse selection of events can be experienced on-site. Visiting these buildings offers a rare glimpse into the moving story that weaves the narrative of the Jewish community in Troyes that dates back over 10 centuries.

The Rashi House in Troyes, Champagne

Practical Information
 For individual visits, consult the calendar online at
 For group visits
 International visitors: visits are available in French, English, Spanish and Hebrew.

Contact Details
Maison Rachi – Synagogue de Troyes
5 rue Brunneval 10000 Troyes



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