New Jewish Artist brings Grossingers Resort Back to Life

“All We’ve Got”
Debut Artist Jeryko Invites You On an Adventure of Self Discovery Back in Time to Grossinger’s Resort 

Debut artist – Jeryko – arrives on the scene with a moving and cinematic music video for the single “All We’ve Got” where he invites you to join a collective journey, searching for a mission. The video comes as part two of a two part Saga that rides the themes of brotherhood, bravery, military service and cliffhangers like a full length film. The video is filmed at the famous Grossinger’s resort which once bustled with Jewish life but has been taken over by nature with 30 years of abandonment, only to be brought back to life by Jewish indie rock. With a clean and driving acoustic guitar, smooth vocals, original power choruses, and meaningful lyrics, Jeryko sets the stage for what is sure to be an exciting ride.

Though his persona is somewhat clouded in mystery, Jeryko’s personal story is written into the fabric of his music and videos as a young New York University student, who left America to fight as a Lone Soldier in the Givati Brigade of the IDF. Jeryko’s songwriting and high product quality comes from years of working in the music industry in New York as a manager and A&R scout with artists such as Walk the Moon, Childish Gambino, Of Monsters and Men, and many more. This new venture comes from his learning from so many other musical journeys and feeling a need to pave his own path. 
“The singer/songwriter embraces his time in the service, his experiences, his life and that all that comes with growing up and created a track that is sure to inspire and pick you up when you are down. You are immediately pulled into a soundscape that is real, honest and takes care of you and creates a home for your senses.” 
– Wolf in a Suit
New York Jewish Guide

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