Curvy Widow

Bring your sister, bring your friends.  Curvy Widow, the musical comedy, is now playing at the Westside Theatre, 407 West 43rd St.  Hilarious, yet serious, many will be able to relate.  Sometimes life throws you a curve.  Death, divorce can be devastating.  But it is how you deal with the challenges that will define you.  Curvy Widow, based on a book by Bobby Goldman, is a somewhat loose adaptation of real life events in Bobby’s life.  The music and lyrics by Drew Brody are both superb and witty.  Nancy Opel in the starring role as Bobby is masterful.  You will sing with her, dance with her, cry with her.

Bobby’s life before the death of her husband is predictable and steady. The catchy tune to start the show tells us that she has everything under control.  Her husband dies and suddenly she is not in control.  She goes through the bereavement stages with help from her friends.  Lamenting her former life with her husband, she contemplates starting over at her age.  Time to make new choices.  Moving downtown, she is enchanted with her new home.  Funniest parts of the show is her visits with The Shrink, played superbly by Alan Muraoka, who encourages her to go out, let go and look for dates on social media.  Bobby builds her new persona as Curvy Widow.  Her husband’s ghost appears who does not want her dating.  But she marches on with a string of some unsavory dates and even one with a good man.  In the end she’s o.k. on her own.

That’s life.  Confronting our challenges, moving on and being happy.  Go see it.

By Austin Rybstein- New York Jewish Guide

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