Ateret Cohanim Gala Dinner at Terrace on the Park

Ateret Cohanim marked 38 years of service to the Jewish people with its dinner at Terrace on the Park on Monday, June 5, 2017.  Well attended by over 400 people, the organization is in the bulwark of our defense and is instrumental in redeeming homes in Jerusalem.  Indeed, a holy mission and imperative.  Jerusalem is our holy city.  The Torah is our deed.  We pray towards Jerusalem three times a day.  Organizations such as UNESCO declaim that we the Jewish people have no link to the Western Wall and Temple Mount and that our link to Jerusalem is tenuous at best.  They shall not succeed.  Our spirit and contributions by so many ardent supporters to Ateret Cohanim and Jerusalem will assure that Jerusalem remains undivided and achieves growth in its surrounding areas.

Our esteemed guests and organizers commemorated 50 years since the miraculous victories of the Six Day War put all of Jerusalem and “Har HaBayit in our hands.”  The Hatikvah and National Anthem were sung with pride and Tehillim was recited.  The important task of building up Yemenite Village and restoring synagogues was reiterated. Videos were shown that reflect the vibrant life, heroism and bravery of the residents of the Old Yemenite neighborhood.  Ten Jewish families are moving in.  How important is this?  According to speaker Danny Finkelman, Iran is actively looking to fund housing in Jerusalem.  Jerusalem is ours. We are the ones who need to raise the funds for building, reclaiming and developing Jerusalem.

The dinner was dedicated to the memory of Dr. Irving Moskowitz z”l and Mr. Joseph Memelstein z”l.  Their contributions to the organization are still reverberating today.  One of the highlights of the dinner was the special song of tribute to Jerusalem by the acclaimed singer,Tal Vaknin.  Duvi and Esther Honig were Bonei Yerushalayim Honorees.  Nissan and Dr. Hindie Klein who dedicated Gan Aryeh in memory of their beloved son Aryeh Zev z”l were the other Bonei Yerushalayim Honorees.

Pete Hegseth, a Fox News contributor and anchor

Shani Hikind, Executive Vice President, spoke so eloquently and emotionally on how with Hashem’s help we are celebrating Yom Yerushalayim.  Pete Hegseth, a Fox News contributor and anchor saw the work of Ateret Cohanim and said that it changed his life.  A Baptist from Minnesota, he said that he was humbled and honored to support Ateret Cohanim’s work in Jerusalem.

John Bolton,   so well known for vetoing resolutions against Israel during his time as US Ambassador to the UN, congratulated the Ateret Cohanim organization for its amazing work in reclaiming Jerusalem.  He agrees with us that Jerusalem is to be united and never separated.  Israel deserves to live in peace with border security.  Israel can only be safe under defensible borders.  He reiterated his opposition to the two state solution but proposed a three state solution involving Egypt and Jordan.  His concern over the effect of the 2015 Iran deal on Israel was genuine.  He does not believe that Iran has the intention of complying with its stipulations.  Overall, John Bolton is a true friend of the Jewish people and is someone who understands our concerns.

John Bolton Former US Ambassador to the UN

As a journalist and advocate for Israel I am privileged to attend many Jewish events.  However, this event touches me in a most visceral way.  Redeeming and resettling Jerusalem should be a national, individual and holy prerogative.  Just remember, that without Jerusalem there is no Israel for the rest of us.  Looking forward to next year’s dinner.


By Austin Rybstein – New York Jewish Guide

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