Ateret Cohanim/Jerusalem Chai Gala Dinner


As expected, the Ateret Cohanim dinner at Terrace On The Park  was remarkable.  An overflow crowd of over 400 people marked 36 years of Ateret Cohanim.
This organization is in the bulwark of our defense and in redeeming homes in Jerusalem.   The evening honored Mark and Naomi Rubin, the founder of Ateret Cohanim Mati and Etya Dan and paid special tribute to Dr. Bernard and Ann Hoenig.  The evening was so elegantly moderated by Shani Hikind, Executive Vice President of Ateret Cohanim.  She forthrightly announced that we are all “partners in preserving and building Jerusalem for all of us.”  Ateret Cohanim allows us to be part of Jewish history.  Our heroes are the brave young families who live in the so called Christian and Muslim parts of Jerusalem.

Speaker, Mr. Mel Wadler, reiterated the common theme that “Jerusalem must remain the
undivided capital of Israel.”  These aforementioned guests are true leaders.
Their enormous efforts and accomplishments are conducted on behalf of
all of us.  This is a most worthy organization for us to support to the best of our ability.  Our special guests and supporters are so vital in rebuilding Yemenite Village, also known as Silwan to our detractors.  The video depicting Jewish life and the pogroms in Yemenite Village in 1929 and in the years between 1936 and 1948 played to the strains of Im Eshkachech Yerushalaim.  A moving video.  The original Yemenite Jews arrived in Yemenite Village in 1882 and it is our imperative to redeem and rebuild it.


Special speaker, Ambassador John Bolton, gave the keynote address.  He received a
standing ovation for his support of Israel and the Jewish people.
His efforts kept the sanctions going on Iran and while at the U.N. helped strike down the infamous doctrine equating Zionism with racism.  He recognizes the fact that with old boundaries disappearing in the Middle East and Iran on the path to nuclear weapons, a two state solution is not based on reality and will only increase the risk to Israel and its neighbors.


The video presented by Mati Dan, the founder of Ateret Cohanim, was superb.  Bruce 
Blakeman and Rabbi Shmuely Boteach graced us with their words of chizuk.  As
a journalist and advocate I am privileged to attend many Jewish events.
However, this event touches me in a most visceral way.  Redeeming and resettling
Jerusalem is a national, individual, and holy prerogative.  Looking forward to next year.


New York Jewish Guide Austin Rybstein