33 Strange Jewish Products Being Sold on Amazon.com

Here are 33 Jewish Products being sold on Amazon that will raise an eyebrow or two.

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1. Woodstock Klezmer WindchimeWoodstock Klezmer Windchime

For all those who get a hunkering for some great Klezmer tunes every time it gets windy this is the windchime of your dreams. This windchime features a cherry wood windcatcher silk screened with a blue star of David and is made by Grammy award-winning musician and instrument maker Garry Kvistad!

2. Map of Jerusalem Collector BaseballMap of Jerusalem Collector Baseball

If you know someone who loves baseball, is a huge geography buff, and has a passion for Israel get this ball to them immediatley. For those that purchase it for themselves, I have one question for you…What exactly are you going to do with it? For me, I am going to wait until the Map of Tzfat Collector Baseball is available. Can’t wait!
Prague Night Light - Old Jewish Cemetary

3. Prague Night Light – Old Jewish Cemetary

Sounds kind of creepy to have a nightlight with a picture of a cemetary on it. Maybe next time they should consider some kosher cows jumping over the moon. Some features of this light include: Plug can be rotated to accommodate outlets in any direction. Glass front for vivid visual display. Additional replacement bulb is included with each light (7 watt “night light” bulb). Sweet dreams!

4. Shpring & TwistShpring & Twist

This actually seams like a great game! A Twister Dance Mat accompanied with Heimishe Music from Mitzvah Family. 3 Heimishe upbeat songs. 5 different difficulty levels to appeal to all levels of dancing skill. Wondering if this company has plans for a טאַנץ טאַנץ רעוואָלוציע (Tantz, Tantz Revalutzya)

Passover Matzah Sweeper

5. Passover Matzah Sweeper

Amazon must think this is some type of toy, it is listed as the #507,645 most popular item in the toys and games section. Clearly the Amazon algorithm has never had matzah before. Cleaning up is easier when using this Passover Matzah Sweeper. Great for sweeping up those matzah crumbs! Manufacturer recommended age: 4 years and up.

6. Yo-Bagel Bagel Yo-Yo

Yo-Yo Bagel

It’s a YO-YO Bagel! It’s a bagel. No it’s a yoyo. No it’s actually a real working yoyo shaped just like a bagel. Disguised to look like a bagel sandwich in a take-out container, this yoyo is sure to be as much fun as having bagels and lox for breakfast every morning for a month! It takes playing with your food to a whole new level. Ages 8+. Measures approximately 3 x 1 1/2 inch.

7. No Limit Texas Dreidel Kit

No Limit Texas Dreidel

Spice up your poker tournaments! Take the Chanukah dreidel game, combine it with poker, and you’ve got a new dreidel experience that is truly fun. You’ll check, bet, raise, or fold depending on the strength of your dreidel hand (or how much you like to bluff). Fun for up to 4 players ages 9-99. Includes 8 small dreidels, 3 large dreidels, 4 shakers, Play Guide, Spinner Button. Packaged in a drawstring bag, inside a 6″ square box.

8. Israel Sleeping MatIsrael Sleeping Mat

And you thought you saw everything! Whether you are camping out or on the go, this traveling Israeli designed Sleeping mat will always come in handy. Make sure you have some explanations when (not if) someone asks you what your were thinking when making this purchase. Mat Dimensions: 66.5″ L x 36″.

9. Jewish You Were Me Men’s T-ShirtJewish You Were Me! Men's T-Shirt

Finally you can let the world know just how awesome being Jewish really is (and just how corny you really are). The shirt is made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton and has a relatively light fabric weight of 5.3 oz. Because so many of you are scared to wear it, this shirt is only printed on-demand.

10. Plush Alter Kaker Tortoise Chewish Squeak Treat Toy

Alter Kaker Tortiose On AmazonIf your dog’s birthday is coming up consider the Alter Kaker Tortoise Chew toy as the gift he will be sure to love. Made by Chewish Treats (get it?) This plush squeak toy will give your dog a reason to be your friend, at least until next year.Dogs love to mouth and carry Chewish Treats around while enjoying the squeaks. Made of all new materials. Polyester plush and fill. Rubber squeaker secured in interior.

11. Melissa & Doug Passover Box of QuestionsMelissa & Doug Passover Box of Questions

Nope it’s not a box of Matzahs or a set of puzzles. This is a box full of conversation starters all about Passover, family, tradition and faith. Includes 82 original questions, one on each card. A variety of topics will have players thinking, laughing and learning about tradition and family. Encourages communication and listening skills. A great hostess gift.

12. 8 GB Engraved “Shema Yisrael” USB Drive Key Chain With Diamond and Star of David

8 GB Engraved USB Drive Key Chain With Star of David

Really? A USB Drive for $295? You would think we were still in 1998! This 8 Gigabyte Disk on Key is engraved with a Magen David surrounding a diamond, the words Shema Yisrael across the middle, loaded with a digitalized Book of Psalms and a great gift idea for any occasion. The drive keychain can be personalized with names or additional diamonds. This item is a great gift idea for a lifecycle event like a Bar Mitzvah. Material: Sterling silver 925, Dimensions: 30mm/1.2″

13. Gemini Specs Glasses Star of DavidGemini Specs Glasses Star of David

These unique holographic glasses let you see a Star of David when looking at bright points of light. They work well with city lights, candles and fireworks (Wonder if anybody wears them when lighting Shabbat candles). The glasses are great for entertaining at parties and holiday celebrations (Chanukah!) or other occasion.

Kitty Treat Jar

14. Ceramic Lox Cat Treat Jar

If your kitty is the artistic type she will most certainly enjoy this colorful ceramic treat jar. The jar is adorned with a Star of David (guess that makes the cat Jewish), A silhouette of a cat, hearts and a fish named lox that doubles as a handle. This Jar is sure to appeal to no one.

15. Jewish Hanukkah Toilet Lid Cover – A Great Miracle Happened HereJewish Hanukkah Toilet Lid Cover - A Great Miracle Happened Here

For those who have been hitting the jelly doughnuts and potato latkes a little too hard, a Chanukah themed toilet lid cover has the legend “A Great Miracle Happened Here” stamped in a white and gold dreidel pattern. Deep turquoise, 100% cotton (machine washable). Elasticized, and fits most standard toilet seat lids.

16. Jewish Rabbi Nesting Doll

How cute! An orthodox rabbi and four young students nest together in this Judaica doll. Complete with 3-d ear locks, hat brim, and nose add charm and interest to this clever set. A most unusual (and expensive) Chanukah gift.

17. Amazing Kosher CompassAmazing Kosher Compass with Needle that Spins and Stops in the Directions of Our Dreams: Jerusalem

Don’t leave home without it! An amazing compass that points to…. you guessed it Jerusalem. So if you find yourself in a hotel room, airport or in the middle of nowhere this compass will make sure you always daven in the right direction. Isn’t there an app for this?


18. Mazel Tov On Your Bat Mitzvah Light Switch CoverFlorene Jewish Theme - Mazel Tov On Your Bar Mitzvah On Torah on Ancient Paper - Light Switch Cover

First a cemetery night light and then a mazel tov light switch cover. Next up is a bris light bulb. Officially called the Mazel Tov On Your Bat Mitzvah Torah on Ancient Paper Light Switch Cover, it is made of durable scratch resistant metal that will not fade, chip or peel. Featuring a high gloss finish, along with matching screws makes this cover the perfect finishing touch.

19. Jewish Plush Pet Toy – Menorah HatJewish Plush Pet Toy - Menorah Hat

There must be a serious amount of Jewish dogs and cats out there. If Fido or Rufus enjoys dressing for the holidays then by all means get him the Chewish Treats menorah hat. This gift is for serious dressers only and not for dogs that like to chew on things.

20. Star of David Door HarpStar of David Door Harp

Add this star of David Door Harp to your musical instrument collection. Modern day door harps hang on any interior door or the interior side of an exterior door. They gently announce the comings and goings of friends and family (and anyone trying to break in) with their peaceful tone. 

21. Midrash Manicures High Holiday Nail DecalsMidrash Manicures High Holiday Decals

This is not what your father meant when he said you should have Torah at your fingertips! This package Includes: 14 student size and 14 adult size stick-on nail decals (all-in-one!) Directions for how to apply the decals. And there is more to come, stay tuned for Midrash Manicures Nail Decals for Hanukkah and for the Ten Plagues!

22. Chassidic Rabbi Tea Infuser 4pc Ceramic Mug SetChassidic Rabbi Tea Infuser 4pc Ceramic Mug Set

Novelty Jewish Rabbi tea mug with cozy, lid and infuser. Brew your own from loose leaf or teabag. Holds 8oz. Have a “glassele tea” direct from the Rebbe! The 4 piece set looks like a Chassidic Rabbi in coat and hat, but disassembles to reveal an 8oz white (no handles) ceramic mug, with black “suit jacket” cosy and black “hat” tea infuser and lid (hat). Hand-washable.

Kosher Ceramic Dog Bowl

23. Kosher Ceramic Dog Bowl

A brightly colored ceramic dog bowl for boutique-sized dogs, apparently this bowl is not for Great Danes. Regardless of the size of your dog you may be surprised to know that the really don’t need Kosher Dog Bowls, even if it has a star of David on it.

24. Inflatable Haman Punching BagInflatable Haman Punching Bag 3 Feet Tall

If you are looking to let out your aggression, let it out on Haman. Purchase this Inflatable Haman Punching Bag and tell Haman what you think of him. This bag inflates to 3 Feet and is great fun for children and adults alike. The base of this punching bad is sand-weighted for great bounce-back action! This bag is for Ages 3 and up.

25. Litvak Family Parking SignLitvak Family Parking Sign

Don’t hang this up in Williamsburg! This parking sign makes it very clear what your family background is. This sign is perfect made to last for years outdoors and the sign makes an excellent decor piece for indoors. Great for you basement, garage, den, office, man cave and it makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Available in 10 x 14 or 12 x 18 Inches.Fancy Shmancy Hand Santizer

26. Fancy Schmancy Hand Sanitizer

This hand sanitizer claims to kill 99,9% of germs on contact. The real question is why they choose to put a picture of a rabbi on the cover. Maybe the rabbi will bless our hands or certify this product as kosher in case you decide to taste it.

27. Easy Riding MenorahEasy Riding Menorah

This is a perfect gift for you motorcycle fanatics. Crafted by hand from metal sheeting and painted a creamy white with red and silver toned trim, this menorah will surely stand out. If prefer cars you may be interested in this Pink Cadillac Convertible Menorah.

Prank Passover Matzoh Boxer Shorts

28. Passover Matzoh Boxers

Create a sensation at Passover with these Matzoh cloth sleep shorts. Looks like the real thing, but no crumbs, guaranteed!! Consider giving this special gift to the adult who acts like a child and finds the afikomen. One size fits most. 100% cotton. Proudly made in the USA!!

Dreidel Roulette Game

29. Dreidel Roulette Game

A game of chance and challenge for an unlimited number of players, combining all of the action of dreidel and roulette. The colored balls are placed into the wooden arena. The dreidel is spun inside – the longer it spins, the more balls will be knocked into the colored and numbered holes.

30. Davida Kosher Kurls Leave-in ”Shmear”Davida Kosher Kurls Leave-in Shmear

For those who want some Shmear in their hair this is the product for you! The “Kosher Kurls” Claims to be the best leave-in conditioner in the world! The owners of this product may want to consider a name change so it doesn’t sound like you are putting chicken schmaltz in your hair.

31. Passover Ten Plagues Bowling Pin SetPassover Ten Plagues Bowling Pin Set

Have some interactive fun on Passover. Teach the children. Perk up the most distracted guest at your Passover table. Punctuate the recitation of the 10 plagues by setting out on your table one-by-one ten little bowling pins. Each of the ten pins symbolizes one of plagues-each are sensitively depicted so as not to frighten the youger children.
Artsmith Kid's Flip Flops (Sandals) Blue Star of David Jewish

32. Blue Star of David Kid’s Flip Flops

When you’re looking for a pair of comfortable Flip Flops that will knock your socks off, look no further than these. These thong flip flops are water proof and reflect your style. Wear around the house, at the beach or to the mall. These decorated flip flop slippers will make for an endless summer of fun.

33. Jewish Bagel and Cream Cheese Dog Chew Toy

Dog Bagel Chew Toy
Chewish toys for Jewish dogs! Sundays are for rising late, thick newspapers, and long, lazy breakfasts. Treat yourself to a pot of freshly brewed coffee served with a toasted bagel slathered with delectable cream cheese. Treat your canine friend to his own Sunday Brunch with this pale tan bagel with a snowy white filling of cream cheese. 

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