New York Jewish Guide – Selection of the Month – Beautiful Lyric

  • Moses left Misrayim fleeing from King Paro

He went straight to Midian and found Yitro.

He gave him Sipora, his daughter because he feared God

Moses walked the cattlethat his father-in-law gave him

Moses, walking the cattle, arrived to Mount Horeb

He saw a burning bush but it did not consume.

Moses covered his eyesfearing to see God

He heard a voice that said Moses, Moses, my servant

Take off your shoes you are standing in a holy place

You will go straight to Misrayim and tell King Paro

To give you the keys of my people, the Hebrews

And if he does not give them I will punish him

With ten plagues that I will send so he knows who I am.

Hodu lAd-nai ki tov ki leolam hasdo

Praised be his name because he always gave us good

And in heavens and the earthhis mercy never lacked.