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Israel – The Perfect Destination for Your Wedding or Mitzvah

By Monica Cohenca, Israel Wedding & Event Planner

Israel just may be the perfect place for your dream Jewish wedding or mitzvah!  With many beautiful diverse and unique settings, you’ll be sure to find the perfect backdrop for your celebration.  Israel’s ancient history is set in breathtaking ruins and inspiring locations. It teams with spirituality and a multitude of cultures – easily mixing and integrating the old and new with spectacular effects and results.

Destination Wedding Israel - Bride at Western Wall in Jerusalem

Bride Praying at the Western Wall

For example, Andrea, a bride, originally from Prague, found a private, sentimental moment  to reflect and pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on her wedding day.  Later on,  she and her husband, Daniel, rejoice with family and friends as they are officially wed under a beautiftul traditional chuppah.

Destination Wedding Israel - Bridal Couple Under Chuppah, Jewish Wedding Ceremony

Joyous Moment under Chuppah as Married Couple


From desert to forest,  beach to mountains, modern to traditional,  city to sea, chic to casual… Israel has it all – and at a budget that is affordable!

Israel Wedding Bridal Couple Hotel Jerusalem

Wedding Couple Relaxing on Hotel Patio in Jerusalem Israel

Jewish Wedding, Jaffa Israel Beach

Wedding in Jaffa Israel

Chuppah & Outdoor Wedding Ceremony, Herzaliya, Israel

Beautiful Wedding Chuppah Frames Israeli City Skyline

Garden Wedding Ceremony in Israel

Wedding Garden Ceremony in Rehovot Israel

What’s your style? – Traditional, Eclectic, Romantic, at the Sea, In the Woods – Israel offers you amazing venues and settings for any of these types of wedding or bar mitzvah celebrations.  How romantic to have the walls of Old Jerusalem as the backdrop to your photos!  Or gaze at the desert bluffs beyond the blue waters of Eilat while having cocktails. Prefer a green setting – no problem – Northern Israel is lush with trees and forests


If you have many guests to invite and are budget conscious, getting married in Israel can be the perfect solution. While not everybody can take the time or afford the costs of taking a trip to Israel, you can still invite everyone you wish to as a courtesy, but chances are only your closest friends and family will be with you on your wedding day -which creates an intimate and warm ambiance.

Israel Destination Wedding Catering


Another reason to consider getting married in Israel is that a wedding here can be planned in much less time than it would take to plan a wedding in the US. In principal, one can get engaged today and get married in Israel in less than two months, and still have a most memorable wedding. With the help of an experienced wedding planner, such as Monica Cohenca, organizing your wedding to suit your style, the process becomes relatively easy and provides you with the assurance that all details are being carefully arranged to make your wedding a success.

Ketubah Reading, Wedding Chuppah

Ketubah Reading to Bride and Groom under Chuppah

Wedding Huppah & Unique Outdoor Ceremony Setting

Beautiful Leaf & Branch Wedding Chuppah Blends with Israel Countryside


As an event planner who specializes in organizing weddings for couples who live abroad or for couples where at least one of the parties grew up outside of Israel, Monica Cohenca knows that the challenging part is bridging the cultural differences and wedding preferences between Israelis and tourists. The most important thing is to combine the best of both worlds that the bride and groom originate from to make their wedding unique and to keep both sides satisfied. For example: compared to American weddings, Israeli weddings are bigger in number and more relaxed in style, so it’s nice to have a full dance floor of people dancing to oriental music, while at the same time enjoying a more structured evening with the traditions you want to follow.

Hora Dancing & Wedding Guests with Bride

Wedding Guests with Bride and Hora Dancing

As your event planner, Monica also takes care of giving your guests a good time. Her team will handle your guests’ transportation, accommodations and entertainment, or guide you with what sites they can see during their stay so that they can make the most out of their time here.

Destination Wedding Israel

Top Israel Tourist Sites

In addition, they take care of the dinner the night before the wedding, the Shabbat chatan, or the brunch the day after, and make them into meaningful events for family and friends to remember.

Celebrating your special day under the Israeli skies will be unforgettable.  And your guests will thank you for the opportunity of planning (another) trip to Israel.

Destination Wedding Israel - Old City, Jerusalem

Panoramic View of Old City

So….  Next Year in Jerusalem …or Tel Aviv…. or Ceasaria … or Tiberias…. or  Eilat…

Israel is the Perfect Destination to celebrate your wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Special thanks to Monica Cohenca for writing this article.

Photo Credits   Ephidan,  Alex Kudrik, Jacky Rabinovich, Nati Hadad

And a huge Mazel Tov to Andrea and Daniel, Dina & Josh, Eli and Daiana and Hila and Dror!