Davennen’ Leadership Training Institute 10: Week One

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Date(s) - Jul 23, 2018 - Jul 29, 2018
All Day

Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center



Jul 23, 2018 – Jul 29, 2018  

Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, Falls Village, CT

Led by Rabbi Marcia Prager, Rabbi Shawn Zevit and Hazzan Jack Kessler

Deepening the quality of communal prayer to activate the body, touch the heart, engage the mind, and nurture spiritual growth.

Forget everything you ever knew about davvening, and get ready for four weeks of intense master classes with the best teachers you can find. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, you’ll never pray the same way again.

—Rabbi Oren Steinitz

The Davennen’ Leadership Training Institute (DLTI) offers a unique learning experience to help those who lead worship in a Jewish context to deepen the quality of communal prayer so that it activates the body, touches the heart, engages the mind, and nourishes spiritual growth and insight. Employing the participatory approach of an intensive master class, this program coaches you in the high art of leadership of public ritual and prayer. DLTI has trained nearly 400 participants from every denomination, professional and lay role.

In this program consisting of four retreats, you become part of a living and learning fellowship – deeply engaged in the process of communal prayer and ritual. Throughout each retreat you join with core faculty and guest master-teachers in ongoing davvenen’, text study, group discussions and coaching.

  • Week 1: Monday, July 23 – Sunday, July 29, 2018
  • Week 2: Wednesday, February 13 – Monday, February 18, 2019
  • Week 3: Monday, July 29 – Sunday, August 4, 2019
  • Week 4: Wednesday, February 12 – Monday, February 17, 2020

Leadership Skills for Building Community

Prayer can be electric and alive. Prayer can touch the soul, burst forth a creative celebration of the spirit, and open deep wells of gratitude, longing and praise. Jewish prayer in its essence is soul dialogue and calls us into relationship within and beyond.

We intuitively know when group prayer is working. Through the power of ancient and modern words and melodies, we venture into realms of deep emotion and find longing, sorrow, hope, wholeness, connection and peace. When guided by skilled leaders of prayer and ritual, our complacency is challenged, we can break through outworn assumptions about God and ourselves, and emerge refreshed and inspired to meet the challenges our lives offer. As rabbis, educators and prayer leaders, we aspire to meaningful prayer and ritual. How does one learn to create transformational spiritual experiences that will vitalize our communities?

A recipient of the National Mintz Award for Education, the Davennen’ Leadership Training Institute is a living-learning experience that will enable participants from all Jewish environments to gain:

  • Deep understanding, experience and skill with the evolution, practice and meaning of Jewish prayer.
  • Grounding in liturgical sources and the inner structure of services, with special emphasis on Shabbat.
  • Advanced skills in the inspirational use of personal presence.
  • Practice and experience in creating prayerful environments, working with group energetics, and balancing structure with spontaneity.
  • Each session is further enriched by special programs and trainings with DLTI special guest faculty.

This program is designed for both the experienced leader and someone emerging into leadership.

For more information about DLTI, visit dlti.org.

DLTI gave me a new lease on my spiritual life. It is a laboratory for creativity, spirituality, and joy, with a great chevra and lessons that I carry to every part of my ministry. Plus, I met my wife there!

—Hazzan Matthew Klein