Paris Through the Window 

Hemingway said, “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”


Sonia, Dan, and AaronThis is a concept that the young couple Sonia and Dan brought along when they relocated from the City of Lights to Park Slope in 2012. The first time they walked into what was then Belleville, an authentic French bistro with its antique mirrors and polished zinc bars, they were reminded of where they came from. As it would soon become “home,” they decided to imbue the old fashioned décor with their personal story, bringing their memories and enthusiasm to the existing Parisian charm and style.

Merging their appetite for good French food with their Jewish background and culture, they would soon open the first French OK Kosher certified restaurant in Park Slope!

Paris Through The WindowThe painter Marc Chagall, who has been called “the quintessential Jewish artist” and who relocated from Russia to Paris, inspired Sonia and Dan in this new adventure – with his work that is both melancholy and optimistic, looking to the past while embracing the future. “Both our mothers have always loved Chagall, an interest they transmitted to us,” the couple explains; Dan is a music lover and has his favorites among the several paintings of musicians, while Sonia is moved by the poetic vision of newlywed couples painted so often by the artist.

It is as a very complementary duo that the two young parents were able to fulfill their lifelong dream of running their own restaurant. With the assistance of Sonia’s father, who also relocated to New York, God’s help, their loving families, and the support of the local community, Chagall Bistro – Brooklyn’s only authentic Kosher French Restaurant – was born!!!

This adventure would not have been possible, however, had they not met chef Jean-Claude Teulade.

Chef Jean-Claude TeuladeThe Chef

Jean-Claude Teulade is an experienced French master honored “Maître Cuisinier de France” in 2005. Originally from Toulouse, Chef Teulade proved his talent to New York foodies in restaurants rated two and three stars by The New York Times, such as Louis XVI and La Côte Basque before embracing the challenge of Kosher French Cuisine for our very own pleasure!

(Photo: Copyright Elizabeth Graham)

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