Hillel’s new work in France

Hillel’s new work in France:

A new and meaningful opportunity for Jewish Young Adults in Paris, Marseille, and more!

France: a Jewish Community in crisis

The Jewish community in France is experiencing a worrying period: security crisis, loss of dynamism, unclear future for Jews of France. All these observations have led not only to heightened community awareness, but also to question about how to revitalize French Jewish life and how to integrate it in accordance with one’s individual sensitivities.

A global offer for a vibrant community

HILEL CAMPUS is a modern project drawing its inspiration from proven methods which have successfully worked in the USA, Israel and around the world. It stands to be a pivotal and pioneering project for the future of Jews in France. It introduces a new way of viewing, leading and experiencing community life.

Our objective: building a new space where Jewish youth aged 18-35 may (re)take the floor, innovate, build their own framework, and push the boundaries of a community well integrated in the civil society.

Through the creation of a living space dedicated to young people, HILEL CAMPUS intends to re-engage them in community life and thus build the future of the Jews of France by focusing on youth, which relays our values of pluralism, openness, and the desire of construction of tomorrow.

How do we do that?

  • Creating a space of life and dialogue where everyone has their place.
  • Creating the conditions for the youth to envision the future.
  • Raising awareness in youth for engagement and leadership
  • Supporting the youth’s social, cultural and sporting initiatives

The two first years of HILEL CAMPUS has been a real success.

Last year, the organizations had 42 events, more than 350 participants, 2 flats, 5 student rooms, 50 volunteers

Getting global in sharing with worldwide communities

It is high time the French Jewish community created connections with various communities from around the world — in order for French Jews to open up to the riches of all communities, and for the French Jewish DNA to spread out over and beyond our borders.

Driven by values of innovation, socially responsible entrepreneurship, critical thinking, openness and sharing, in France and globally (with Hillel International), a new dynamic is at work!


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