Israel Air Force Center Foundation Event

By Austin Rybstein

It was a privilege to attend the IAFCF event at New York’s Park East

Synagogue on Thursday April 14, 2016.  As a staunch Zionist and a caring

Jew the Israeli Air Force becomes one of our foremost organizations to

support.  The esteemed former UN Ambassador John Bolton kept us abreast

of Israel-U.S relations and portrayed the dynamic quite accurately.


John Bolton has always been a true friend of Israel and recognizes the

true dangers that Israel faces, even though it has been minimized by

this Administration.  In 2008, Mr. Bolton advised Israel correctly on

what its course of action should be vis-à-vis Iran.  Unfortunately this

Administration opposed it.  Let us hope that with a new Administration

taking hold next year, John Bolton can be part of it.  And certainly let

us prioritize and support IAFCF which is most worthy of our support.

Let us remember that because of the Israeli Air Force there is an Israel

for all of us.



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