Guide to Kosher Restaurants- Long Island: Nassau County / Suffolk County 2013

The New York Jewish Guide is pleased to offer you an updated guide to LONG ISLAND AND NASSAU GUIDE TO KOSHER  RESTAURANT 2013

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We are here to give you the great news that there are still so many GREAT KosherEasily on our website and by clicking under the Food & Dining category for menu, maps, pictures, reservations and more


                      Name         (516)  Phone ( 516)                  Address       Category

Colbeh          466-8181 75 North Station Plz, Great Neck


Cafe Kriza       829-1039          45A Middle Neck Road, Great Neck                                         Dairy

Haagen Dazs      382-6892              85 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck                                            Dairy

Grill Time             487-2228              90 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck                                            Meat

Elite Pizza            466-2233              94 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck                                            Dairy

Dougie’s BBQ & Grill    773-3684  105 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck                                          Meat

La PizzaRia           466-5114              114 Middle Neck Rd., Great Neck                                             Dairy

Bagel Mentch    487-2243              176 Middle Neck Rd, Great Neck                                               Dairy

Safa Persian Restaurant                                487-3300              451 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck          Meat

Amal Catering and Take Out        466-3003              485 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck          Meat


Great Neck Glatt              773-6328              501 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck                          Meat

Cho-Sen Village                                504-1199             505 Middle Neck Rd, Great Neck                               Meat

Ever Fresh Sushi               773-4600              533 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck                          Both

Kandi King           773-4600              587 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck                                          Candy

Geula Sushi Pizza             439-5274              605 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck                          Dairy

Strauss Bake Shop           487-6853              607 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck                          Dairy

Danny’s Restaurant         487-6666              624 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck                          Meat

Town Deli and Catering 439-5222              711 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck                          Meat

Great Neck Pizza (Roya Pizza)     829-2660              770 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck                          Dairy

Shiraz                    487-6666              770 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck                                                          Meat

Kosher Roasters/The Wok           487-3573              9 Cutter Mill Road, Great Neck                                   Meat

Chatanooga Restaurant                             487-4455              37 Cutter Mill Rd., Great Neck                                    Meat

Ben’s Deli            621-3340              140 Wheatly Plz (northern Blvd & Glen Cove Rd), Greenvale        Meat


Bagel Boss Café                                624-0406              1011 Oyster Bay Road, East Norwich                                        Dairy

Ben’s Deli             496-4236             7971 Jericho Tpk., Woodbury                                                                      Meat

Roslyn Village Pizza         484-5777              295 Warner Ave, Roslyn Heights                                                                Dairy

Bagel Boss Café                                626-5599              400 Willis Ave, Roslyn Heights                                                     Dairy

Colbeh                  621-2200              1 Intervale Avenue, Roslyn Heights                                                         Meat

Deli On Rye         621-2471              1008 Willis Ave, Albertson                                                                            Meat

Bakery West      625 0133               1014 Willis Ave, Albertson                                                                            Bakery

Roslyn Kosher Foods      621-9615              1044 Willis Ave, Albertson                                                            Meat

Bagel Boss Café                                334-0300              61 Jericho Tpk, Jericho                                                                   Dairy

Ben’s Deli            939-2367              437 N. Broadway, Jericho                                                                             Meat

Green Melody  681-5715              519 N. Broadway, Jericho                                                                             Veg

Pearl’s Kosher Bake Shop             935-5225              26 Manetto Rd., Plainview                                           Dairy

IMG_3626-938x349 Main-Callout-02_03

Hunki’s Kosher Pizza       870-0435              131 Central Park Rd, Plainview                                                   Dairy

Bagel Boss Café                                681-1856              432 South Oyster Bay Rd, Hicksville                                          Dairy

Deli King               437-8420              1570 Union Turnpike, New Hyde Park                                                     Dairy

Madras Woodlands         326-8900              1627 Hillside Ave, New Hyde Park                                             Veg

Bagel Boss Café                                248-1155              43 Old Country Rd, Carle Place                                                   Dairy

Ben’s Deli            742-3354              95 Old Country Rd, Carle Place                                                                   Meat

J&M Glatt Market            489-6926              177 Hempstead Avenue, W. Hempstead                                               Both

EJ’s Too                                279-6096              183 Hempstead Avenue, W. Hempstead                                                               Dairy

Wing Wan Chinese          292-9309              248 Hempstead Avenue, W. Hempstead                                               Meat

Hunki’s Kosher Pizza       538-6655              338 Hempstead Avenue, W. Hempstead                                               Dairy

Bagel Town         505-5556              488 Hempstead Avenue, W. Hempstead                                                               Dairy

Dunkin Donuts  596-0400              120 E Sunrise Hwy, Valley Stream                                                             Dairy

Ahuva’s Grill                       341-0400              1326 Peninsula Blvd., Hewlett                                                    Meat

Dave’s Glatt Kosher Deli Rest.    374-3296              1508 Broadway, Hewlett                                               Meat

Gotta Getta Bagel            374-5245              1033 Broadway, Woodmere                                                        Dairy

Pizza Pious          295-2050              1063 Broadway, Woodmere                                                                        Dairy

Prime Bistro       374-7772              305 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst                                                                               Meat

Waffelino            792-3973              310 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst                                                                               Dairy

Fusion Toast Bar               612-7730              422 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst                                                               Meat

Toddy’s Appetizers         295-1999              436 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst                                                               Dairy


Upper Crust       341-7211              442 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst                                                                               Dairy

Sushi Metsuyan                                295-2700              488 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst                                                               Meat

Mom’s Pastries                 295-4441              517 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst                                                               Dairy

Sabra Kosher Pizza          569-1563              560a Central Avenue, Cedarhurst                                             Dairy

Ruthie’s Kosher Desert  569-1818              560 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst                                                               Dairy

Qcumbers Café                  295-2155             566 Central Avenue,                                                       Cedarhurst

Dave’s Pizza & Bourekas                               295-6925              580 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst                                               Dairy

Wok Tov              295-3843              594 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst                                                                               Meat

Bagel Delight      374-7644              598 Central Avenue,                                                                       Cedarhurst

Off The Grill        569-4140              600 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst                                                                               Meat

Ultimate Yogurt Shop     569-7821              602 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst                                                               Dairy

Shula’s Pizza       569-7408              608 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst                                                                               Dairy

Holy Schnitzel                    374-4659             688 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst                                                               Meat

Talia’s                    Central Avenue, Cedarhurst                                                                                                       Dairy

Empire K-Roasters           791-5100              72 Columbia Avenue, Cedarhurst                                             Meat

Central Perk       374-6400              105 Cedarhurst Ave., Cedarhurst                                                              Dairy

HaPina        295-1800                  128 Cedarhurst Ave.,               Cedarhurst                                                      Meat

Schwartz II Appetizing   295-2957              130 Cedarhurst Ave., Cedarhurst                                              Dairy

Bari Fish               374-1443              140 Cedarhurst Ave., Cedarhurst                                                              Dairy

Gourmet Glatt Emporium            569-2662              137 Spruce Street, Cedarhurst                                   Meat

Simply Sushi Café 569-2662          137 Spruce Street, Cedarhurst                                                                   Dairy


Yossi’s Grill          295-2040              140 E. Washington Ave, Lawrence                                                            Meat

Carlos and Gabby’s Cantina Grill       239-8226             143 Washington Ave, Lawrence                                 Meat

Dunkin Donuts  239-2052              299 Burnside Avenue, Lawrence                                                                               Dairy

Traditions       295-3630         302 Central Avenue, Lawrence                                                                                  Meat

Jerusalem Pizza                569-0074              344 Central Avenue, Lawrence                                                                  Dairy

The Coffee Bar  791-5200              345 Central Avenue, Lawrence                                                                  Dairy

Sunflower Cafe 569-4522              357 Central Avenue, Lawrence                                                                  Dairy

Cho-Sen Island 374-1199               367 Central Avenue, Lawrence                                                                  Meat

Bagel Island        239-6122              48 Rockaway Turnpike, Lawrence                                                           Dairy


Bagel Boss Café  378-9820            405 Merrick Rd (Hewlett Ave) Oceanside                                              Dairy

Steinberg’s Bakery          763-0063              20 Atlantic Ave, Oceanside                                                          Dairy

Shop Glatt Mart                897-8657              172 East Park Ave, Long Beach                                                                   Meat

Lido (Bernard’s) Deli       431-4411              641 E. Park Ave., Long Beach                                                       Meat

ZuckerBaker’s    785-6900              2845 Jerusalem Avenue, Wantagh                                                           Pareve

Kosher Food Emporium                378-6463              1984 Merrick Road, Merrick                                                         Meat

Bagel Boss Café                 378-9820             2101 Merrick Rd, Merrick                                                                              Dairy







Suffolk County – Area Code 631


Name                      Phone                                                Address                                                       Category

Bagel Boss Café                864-223310 Mayfair Shopping Ctr,            Commack                                            Dairy

Delsen’s Kosher Delicatessen   665-420343           E Main Street, Bay Shore                                              Meat

Zan’s Deli                    979-8770135         Alexander Ave, Lake Grove                                                                Meat

Delancey Street Deli     632-6466                  SUNY Stonybrook Union                                                             Meat

Beach Bakery Café         288-6552112 Main St., Hampton Beach                                                                    Dairy

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