****There have been so many closing of Kosher restaurants  in the last couple of months in Midtown Manhattan  (such as Rosas Pizza , Clubhouse Café etc..) that we thought you would be confused about your local Kosher restaurant options.

We are here to give you the great news that there are still so many GREAT Kosher restaurants open in Midtown Manhattan and you can find them

Easily on our website by clicking on Kosher restaurants under Dining category for menu, maps, pictures.

Midtown as south of 57th street and north of 23rd st in Manhattan and Midtown East (east of 5th Ave)

  • Baruch College Cafeteria – only available for students with ID, or guests of the university. Prepackaged sandwiches from FreshKo are available.
  • Bhojan – a quiet, waiter service, vegetarian Indian restaurant. Delicious. Order an $8 lunch “Thali” which is a sampling of a bunch of their dishes. (Menu)
  • Café K – lots of options: pizza, build your own pasta, make your own salads, with a choice of muffins and bagels. (Menu)
  • Crumbs  find the perfect cupcake for your tastebuds. OKS – R’ Harry Cohen
  • Chennai Garden – a busy, buffet style restaurant of vegetarian Indian dishes. (Menu)
  • Dunkin Donuts – a kosher branch of the DD chain, across the street from the YU-Stern College dorms.
  • Eden Wok – a clean fast-food Chinese joint, with a wide menu including other Asian cuisines. (Menu)
  • Madras Mahal – a combo waiter / buffet vegetarian Indian restaurant. Cheap & Yummy. (Menu)
  • Mendy’s – a traditional NY Jewish deli. Counter service (up front) & waiter service (in back) available.
  • Mendy’s (Grand Central) – a to-go version of the main Mendy’s restaurant. Public seating available.
  • Mywaycup Coffee – a small, Israeli run, coffee shop, with some pastries and pre-made sandwiches.
  • The Prime Grill – a large, fancy, expensive, restaurant with both indoor & outdoor seating (weather permitting), with delicious appetizers & steaks.
  • Shalom Bombay – a quaint meat Indian restaurant (Glatt) with a mix of buffet and waiter service. (Menu)
  • Piza da Solo – upscale Pizza   offer takeout-only pizzeria making 10-inch pies. The store represents the first ever Kosher certified authentic Neapolitan pizza experience, with Chef Giulio Adriani, at the helm.Located inside the Sony Atrium Plaza. 
  • Soom Soom – a small, modern, vegetarian falafel joint
  • Tiberias – a clean, waiter-service, Israeli dairy restaurant, with to go options. A bit over-priced. (Menu)
  • Wolf & Lamb – a traditional steakhouse with some untraditional menu items. (Menu)

Midtown West (west of 5th Ave)



  • Abigael’s – one of the fanciest and most sophisticated Kosher menus in the city, expensive but varied selection. (Menu)
  • Azuri Cafe – traditional Israeli fare and a vegetarian menu. Small seating area with a famously curmudgenly owner. (Menu)
  • Bravo Pizza – an old pizzaria, newly turned Kosher, always busy with good reason: great pizza
  • Cafe Classico – above Great American Health Bar, difficult to find but large seating area with a varied meat menu including sushi, salads, sandwiches.
  • Circa – lots of dairy options: pizza, salad and pastas. Slow delivery but a seating area is available.
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – everything here is Kosher: muffins, bagels, salads, sandwiches, and beverages
  • Great American Health Bar – diverse dairy & vegetarian menu with large portions and specialty smoothies.
  • Jerusalem Cafe – formerly Jerusalem 2 pizza, moved to a new smaller (but nicer) location 2 blocks away. (Menu)
  • Ladino Tapas Grill – newly opened restaurant near Columbus Circle. Large tapas menu, difficult to fit large parties but a romantic dinner spot.
  • Le Maraís – expensive and delicious steak restaurant. Great fancy option for Theater District goers in a prime location. (Menu)
  • Kosher Deluxe – fast food, Kosher option. Burgers, deli, sushi available. Lots of seating with reasonably fast delivery. (Menu)
  • Mendy’s (Rockefeller Center) – a to-go version of the main Mendy’s restaurant. Public seating available.
  • Milk & Honey – lots of dairy options: salad, pizza, sandwiches and pasta. Delivery can be slow but there is seating available.
  • Mr. Broadway – open for delivery and sit-down, deli-style food with Chinese, sushi and traditional options. (Menu)
  • Olympic Pita – sit down waiter service (subpar service) with a full menu and also has takeout option. Great falafel and schwarma on laffa. Sushi is subpar, rest of the menu is decent.
  • Off The Wall Yogurt Find your unique flavor, non- fat, Tangs, Low fat , sorbet
  • Pitopia – new restaurant with a small  salad bar and build your own falafel pita. Seating is minimal.
  • Schnitzel Express – Lots of options, affordably price large lunch options. Seating available – about 10 tables for 2-4 each. (Menu)
  • Screme D’Espresso  Healthy and natural ice cream and has 61 branches worldwide.
  • Taam Tov –  traditional Bukharian cuisine, appropriately located on the 3rd floor of a building in the Diamond District.
  • Terri – funky vegetarian: smoothies, salads, sandwiches, and wraps. Seating is minimal. Consider taking your lunch to nearby Madison Sq. Park. (Menu)
  • Vegetable Garden – Small place with pizza, make your own salads and a few items hot ready to go. Not a lot of selection, none of it tends to look appetizing.
  • Zaro’s Bread Basket – the only Kosher option in Penn Station with 2 locations within the large station.

Please review the hashgacha and carefully order to ensure you are getting the Kosher options. Please let us know if there is any other Kosher Restaurant missing and we will add it. email us at;



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